A human written language. This list is arbitrarily limited for some weird upstream technical reasons, but we’ll happily accept pull requests for additional languages once there is a specific need for them to be supported.



Matchable types allow properties to be compared with each other in order to assess entity similarity.



Pivot types are a stronger form of matchable types and can be used to find similar entities based on simple value lookups.


Value Label
afr Afrikaans
ara Arabic
aze Azerbaijani
bel Belarusian
bos Bosnian
bul Bulgarian
cat Catalan
ces Czech
dan Danish
deu German
ell Greek
eng English
est Estonian
fas Persian
fil Filipino
fin Finnish
fra French
heb Hebrew
hin Hindi
hrv Croatian
hun Hungarian
hye Armenian
ind Indonesian
isl Icelandic
ita Italian
jpn Japanese
kan Kannada
kat Georgian
kaz Kazakh
khm Khmer
kir Kyrgyz
kor Korean
lav Latvian
lit Lithuanian
ltz Luxembourgish
mkd Macedonian
mlt Maltese
mon Mongolian
msa Malay
mya Burmese
nep Nepali
nld Dutch
nor Norwegian
pol Polish
por Portuguese
ron Romanian
rus Russian
slk Slovak
slv Slovenian
spa Spanish
sqi Albanian
srp Serbian
swa Swahili
swe Swedish
tgk Tajik
tgl Tagalog
tuk Turkmen
tur Turkish
ukr Ukrainian
urd Urdu
uzb Uzbek
zho Chinese