Contract award

Since v0.6.8

A contract or contract lot as awarded to a supplier.


The Contract award schema extends the following schemata:


FollowTheMoney has well-defined semantics for different representations of entities, for example in a network graph or in a timeline.

  • In a network graph, entities should be represented as an edge.
  • In a timeline, date or startDate should be used as the temporal start. endDate should be used as the temporal end.


Name Label Type
ContractAward:contract Contract Contract
ContractAward:supplier Supplier LegalEntity
ContractAward:decisionReason Decision reason text
ContractAward:lotNumber Lot number string
Interval:alephUrl Aleph URL url
ContractAward:amended Amended string
Value:amount Amount number
Value:amountEur Amount in EUR number
Value:amountUsd Amount in USD number
ContractAward:callForTenders Call For Tender CallForTenders
ContractAward:cpvCode CPV code string
Value:currency Currency string
Interval:date Date date
Interval:description Description text
ContractAward:documentNumber Document number string
ContractAward:documentType Document type string
Interval:endDate End date date
Interval:indexText Index text text
Interval:modifiedAt Modified on date
Interval:namesMentioned Detected names name
ContractAward:nutsCode NUTS code string
Interval:publisher Publishing source string
Interval:publisherUrl Publishing source URL url
Interval:recordId Record ID string
Interval:retrievedAt Retrieved on date
Interest:role Role string
Interval:sourceUrl Source link url
Interval:startDate Start date date
Interest:status Status string
Interval:summary Summary text