Topics define a controlled vocabulary of terms applicable to some entities, such as companies and people. They describe categories of journalistic interest which may apply to the given entity, for example if a given person is a criminal or a politician.

Besides the informative value, topics are ultimately supposed to bear fruits in the context of graph-based data analysis, where they would enable queries such as find all paths between a government procurement award and a politician.



Matchable types allow properties to be compared with each other in order to assess entity similarity.



Pivot types are a stronger form of matchable types and can be used to find similar entities based on simple value lookups.


Value Label
asset.frozen Frozen asset
corp.disqual Disqualified
corp.offshore Offshore
corp.public Public listed company Shell company
crime Crime
crime.boss Criminal leadership
crime.cyber Cybercrime
crime.env Environmental violations
crime.fin Financial crime
crime.fraud Fraud
crime.terror Terrorism
crime.theft Theft
crime.traffick Trafficking
crime.traffick.drug Drug trafficking
crime.traffick.human Human trafficking
crime.war War crimes
debarment Debarred entity
export.control Export controlled
fin Financial services
fin.adivsor Financial advisor Bank Fund
gov Government
gov.admin Civil service
gov.executive Executive branch of government Central banking and financial integrity
gov.head Head of government or state
gov.igo Intergovernmental organization
gov.judicial Judicial branch of government
gov.legislative Legislative branch of government
gov.muni Municipal government
gov.national National government Security services
gov.soe State-owned enterprise
gov.state State government
mil Military
poi Person of interest Political party
pol.union Union
reg.action Regulator action
reg.warn Regulator warning
rel Religion
role.acct Accountant
role.act Activist
role.civil Civil servant
role.diplo Diplomat
role.journo Journalist
role.judge Judge Lawyer
role.oligarch Oligarch
role.pep Politican
role.pol Non-PEP
role.rca Close Associate
role.spy Spy
sanction Sanctioned entity
sanction.counter Counter-sanctioned entity
sanction.linked Sanction-linked entity