Model Explorer

Explore the default data model shipped with FollowTheMoney. It currently includes 70 schemata and 21 property types that can be selected to generate entities.


Name Label Abstract Generated
Address Address No No
Airplane Airplane No No
Analyzable Analyzable Yes Yes
Article Article No Yes
Assessment Assessment No No
Asset Asset No No
Associate Associate No No
Audio Audio No Yes
BankAccount Bank account No No
Call Call No Yes
CallForTenders Call for tenders No No
CourtCaseParty Case party No No
Company Company No No
Contract Contract No No
ContractAward Contract award No No
CourtCase Court case No No
CryptoWallet Cryptocurrency wallet No No
EconomicActivity Customs declaration No No
Debt Debt No No
Directorship Directorship No No
Pages Document No Yes
Documentation Documentation No No
Email E-Mail No Yes
Employment Employment No No
Event Event No No
Family Family No No
Document File No Yes
Folder Folder No Yes
Identification Identification No No
Image Image No Yes
Interest Interest Yes No
Interval Interval Yes No
LegalEntity Legal entity No No
License License No No
Membership Membership No No
Mention Mention No Yes
Message Message No Yes
Note Note No No
Occupancy Occupancy No No
Organization Organization No No
UnknownLink Other link No No
Ownership Ownership No No
Package Package No Yes
Page Page No Yes
Passport Passport No No
Payment Payment No No
Person Person No No
Position Position No No
Post Deprecated Post No No
Project Project No No
ProjectParticipant Project participant No No
PublicBody Public body No No
RealEstate Real estate No No
Representation Representation No No
Sanction Sanction No No
Security Security No No
Similar Similar No Yes
Succession Succession No No
Table Table No Yes
TaxRoll Tax roll No No
PlainText Text file No Yes
Thing Thing Yes No
Trip Trip No No
UserAccount User account No Yes
Value Value Yes No
Vehicle Vehicle No No
Vessel Vessel No No
Video Video No Yes
HyperText Web page No Yes
Workbook Workbook No Yes


Name Label Matchable Pivot
address Address Yes Yes
checksum Checksum Yes Yes
country Country Yes No
date Date Yes No
email E-Mail Address Yes Yes
entity Entity Yes Yes
gender Gender No No
html HTML No No
iban IBAN Yes Yes
identifier Identifier Yes Yes
ip IP-Address Yes Yes
string Label No No
language Language No No
mimetype MIME-Type No No
name Name Yes Yes
json Nested data No No
number Number No No
phone Phone number Yes Yes
text Text No No
topic Topic No No
url URL Yes Yes