Since v3.1.0

A public appeal issued by an authority, possibly on behalf of another, for buying a specific work, supply or service


graph BT CallForTenders(CallForTenders) Interval(Interval) click Interval "/explorer/schemata/Interval" Thing(Thing) click Thing "/explorer/schemata/Thing" class CallForTenders node-primary CallForTenders-->Interval CallForTenders-->Thing




Abstract schemata are used for inheritance only and shouldn’t be used directly.



Entities using a generated schema shouldn’t be created directly by users.



Entities using a matchable schema can be used for matching and cross-referencing.



Entities using a hidden schema shouldn’t be displayed in user interfaces or created by users.


FollowTheMoney has well-defined semantics for different representations of entities, for example in a network graph or in a timeline.

  • In a network graph, entities should be represented as a vertex.
  • In a timeline, date or startDate should be used as the temporal start. endDate should be used as the temporal end.
  • CallForTenders entities have no temporal extent, i.e. they are not suitable for representation in a timeline.


Name Label Type
CallForTenders:authority Name of contracting authority LegalEntity
Thing:name Name name
CallForTenders:title Title string
Thing:country Country country
Thing:address Address address
Thing:addressEntity Address Address
Thing:alephUrl Aleph URL url
Thing:alias Other name name
CallForTenders:authorityReferenceId Contracting authority reference ID identifier
CallForTenders:awardedInLots Contract awarded in Lots string
CallForTenders:awardingDate Date of awarding date
CallForTenders:awardNoticeDate Award Notice Date date
CallForTenders:callId CfT unique id identifier
Thing:candidateSimilars Similar to this Similar
CallForTenders:certificationCheck Certification check string
CallForTenders:clarificationDeadline End of clarification period date
CallForTenders:contractAwards Contract Awards ContractAward
CallForTenders:contractNoticeDate Contract notice date date
Thing:courtCase Court cases CourtCaseParty
CallForTenders:cpvCode CPV code identifier
Thing:createdAt Created at date
Interval:date Date date
Thing:description Description text
CallForTenders:directive Directive string
Thing:documentedBy Documents Documentation
Interval:endDate End date date
CallForTenders:euFunding EU funding string
CallForTenders:evaluationMechanism Evaluation mechanism string
CallForTenders:fallsUnderGPPScope Does this call fall under the scope of GPP? string
Thing:indexText Index text text
CallForTenders:involvesOutcome Call for tenders result string
Thing:keywords Keywords string
CallForTenders:lotsNames Lots names string
Thing:matchSimilars Similar as this Similar
CallForTenders:maximumNumberOfLots Maximum number of lots number
Thing:modifiedAt Modified on date
CallForTenders:multipleTenders Multiple tenders will be accepted string
Interval:namesMentioned Detected names name
Thing:noteEntities Notes Note
Thing:notes Notes text
CallForTenders:numberOfLots Number of lots number
CallForTenders:nutsCode NUTS code identifier
CallForTenders:onBehalfOf Published on behalf of LegalEntity
CallForTenders:paymentOptions Payment options string
Thing:previousName Previous name name
CallForTenders:procedure Procedure string
CallForTenders:procurementType Procurement type string
Thing:program Program string
Thing:proof Source document Document
CallForTenders:publicationDate Date of publication/invitation date
Thing:publisher Publishing source string
Thing:publisherUrl Publishing source URL url
Interval:recordId Record ID string
CallForTenders:relationToThreshold Above or below threshold string
Thing:retrievedAt Retrieved on date
CallForTenders:reverseAuctionsIncluded Inclusion of e-Auctions string
Thing:sanctions Sanctions Sanction
Thing:sourceUrl Source link url
Interval:startDate Start date date
CallForTenders:submissionDeadline Submission deadline date
Thing:summary Summary text
CallForTenders:tedUrl TED link for published notices url
CallForTenders:tenderers Tenderers LegalEntity
CallForTenders:tendersForLots Tenders for lots string
Thing:topics Topics topic
Thing:unknownLinkFrom Linked from UnknownLink
Thing:unknownLinkTo Linked to UnknownLink
Thing:weakAlias Weak alias name
Thing:wikidataId Wikidata ID identifier
Thing:wikipediaUrl Wikipedia Article url