Since v2.2.0

An internet mail message. The body can be formatted as plain text and/or HTML, and the message may have any number of attachments.


graph BT Email(Email) Folder(Folder) click Folder "/explorer/schemata/Folder" Document(Document) click Document "/explorer/schemata/Document" Analyzable(Analyzable) click Analyzable "/explorer/schemata/Analyzable" Thing(Thing) click Thing "/explorer/schemata/Thing" HyperText(HyperText) click HyperText "/explorer/schemata/HyperText" PlainText(PlainText) click PlainText "/explorer/schemata/PlainText" class Email node-primary Email-->Folder Email-->HyperText Email-->PlainText Folder-->Document Document-->Analyzable Document-->Thing HyperText-->Document PlainText-->Document


FollowTheMoney has well-defined semantics for different representations of entities, for example in a network graph or in a timeline.

  • In a network graph, entities should be represented as a vertex.
  • In a timeline, authoredAt, date, or publishedAt should be used as the temporal start.


Name Label Type
Document:fileName File name string
Thing:name Name name
Thing:country Country country
Email:from From string
Document:mimeType MIME type mimetype
Document:parent Folder Folder
Email:subject Subject string
Document:title Title string
Thing:address Address address
Thing:addressEntity Address Address
Thing:alephUrl Aleph URL url
Thing:alias Other name name
Document:ancestors Ancestors Folder
Document:author Author string
Document:authoredAt Authored on date
Email:bcc BCC string
HyperText:bodyHtml HTML html
Document:bodyText Text text
Thing:candidateSimilars Similar to this Similar
Email:cc CC string
Folder:children Child documents Document
Analyzable:companiesMentioned Detected companies name
Document:contentHash Checksum checksum
Thing:courtCase Court cases CourtCaseParty
Document:crawler Crawler string
Thing:createdAt Created at date
Document:date Date date
Folder:descendants Descendants Document
Thing:description Description text
Analyzable:detectedCountry Detected country country
Analyzable:detectedLanguage Detected language language
Thing:documentedBy Documents Documentation
Analyzable:emailMentioned Detected e-mail addresses email
Email:emitters Emitter LegalEntity
Document:encoding File encoding string
Document:extension File extension string
Document:fileSize File size number
Document:generator Generator string
Email:headers Raw headers json
Analyzable:ibanMentioned Detected IBANs iban
Thing:indexText Index text text
Email:inReplyTo In Reply To string
Email:inReplyToEmail Responding to Email
Analyzable:ipMentioned Detected IP addresses ip
Thing:keywords Keywords string
Document:language Language language
Analyzable:locationMentioned Detected locations address
Thing:matchSimilars Similar as this Similar
Document:mentionedEntities Extracted names Mention
Document:messageId Message ID string
Thing:modifiedAt Modified on date
Analyzable:namesMentioned Detected names name
Thing:noteEntities Notes Note
Thing:notes Notes text
Analyzable:peopleMentioned Detected people name
Analyzable:phoneMentioned Detected phones phone
Thing:previousName Previous name name
Document:processedAt Processed at date
Document:processingAgent Processing agent string
Document:processingError Processing error string
Document:processingStatus Processing status string
Thing:program Program string
Thing:proof Source document Document
Document:proven Derived entities Thing
Document:publishedAt Published on date
Thing:publisher Publishing source string
Thing:publisherUrl Publishing source URL url
Email:recipients Recipients LegalEntity
Document:relatedEntities Related entities Documentation
Email:responses Responses Email
Thing:retrievedAt Retrieved on date
Thing:sanctions Sanctions Sanction
Email:sender Sender string
Thing:sourceUrl Source link url
Thing:summary Summary text
Email:threadTopic Thread topic string
Email:to To string
Thing:topics Topics topic
Document:translatedLanguage The language of the translated text language
Document:translatedText Translated version of the body text text
Thing:unknownLinkFrom Linked from UnknownLink
Thing:unknownLinkTo Linked to UnknownLink
Thing:weakAlias Weak alias string
Thing:wikidataId Wikidata ID identifier
Thing:wikipediaUrl Wikipedia Article url